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Saurabh Kumar's - Click a Food (aka Bachelor Cooking)

Everybody in my family, that is my mother, my father, my grandfather, my tauji, my mausi etc. have a knack for cooking. They just love cooking and experimenting with food....so why not I give it a shot too? :) Here I try to jot down my cooking experiences, a la bachelor style!

Oh, and by the way, all snaps have been taken by me, and not lifted from the web! :)
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dahi Baingan

My friend Debendra aka Debu has a knack in cooking. Today he repeated cooking a side-dish, which is native from his place – Orissa. I instantly liked the lip-smacking, slightly sweet and slightly spiced, cool flavor and requested for the recipe. He obliged …a friend in need is a friend indeed ;)

Serves 4


1 big round brinjal
About 400 grams of fresh curd
Refined oil, enough to deep fry the brinjal slices
Half teaspoon of grounded roasted zeera powder, or fresh zeera
Pinch of zeera
Pinch of rai
Pinch of methi
Pinch of sesame seeds
1 tablespoon sugar
Salt to taste
Grounded red mirch


• Slice the brinjal in round slices, and cut the slices in half
• Coat the pieces with Haldi

• Deep fry the slices. You may do this on a non-stick pan, as this will help use much lesser oil.

• Take out the pieces in a separate dish

• Take out the curd in a separate utensil, preferably in a big flat, low height utensil
• Put the zeera, rai, methi and sesame seeds in oil to slightly fry

• As soon as the zeera turn pinkish, pour the oil and these spices in the curd

• Add sugar and mix well to dissolve sugar
• Mix well, and then sprinkle dry-roasted zeera powder. If you have fresh zeera, then it can be roasted slightly and crushed, maybe by a rolling pin

• Mix well, and add sprinkle red mirch to taste

• Add salt
• Now place the brinjal pieces in the curd mixure, so as to dip them

• Serve cooled

Enjoy Dahi Baigan!


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